Food Always In The Home

Simply, very smart organization of family’s own kitchen garden to keep all nutrition needs well met.

This gardening method was developed in 1970s in the Philippines, in order to improve the food security in families and society in general. Now I must say, being 2017, there would be a lot of less hungry people in the world if this would’ve been promoted more since its publication..

The FAITH-gardening manual, updated and revised three times since the original was published in 1973 can be found in the links.

In this method very well working in the tropics or warm climates, there are always multiple crops growing in the garden. Half of the garden-plots are reserved for re-planting – so that when plants in one plot are finishing their production and their biomass is soon to be recycled – another plantation of same crop is just starting to produce.

The gardening space is also divided to different parts, according to the length of the season of the plants to be grown; Fruit trees in the sides of the garden – as the longest time perennials – and one area for plants that grow one full year and produce food for a long time on the way, then another area is for plants that grow for a shorter season and there’s still one more area for even shorter-season plants.. Well thought all in all.

See for yourself, research more and try it out in some way in your own garden even if you’re in a colder climate and summer is short. And of course, in indoors garden, smart timing of planting and harvesting can be developed into very efficient cycle.

By all means – this manual and its info should be promoted and shared to inform&educate the hungry cash-crop-farming-families of the world and also in these crazy countries of our”modern welfare” – we should demand that also our food supply runs by the naturally smart cycle as in the FAITH-garden. This would and will provide the food to be healthy, freely available for everyone and not something that one cannot have without having money.

Here is the manual itself:

The bright mind, Reverend HAROLD RAY WATSON, who developed the method into printable form in order to help and improve the life conditions of fellow humans:

More of Watson’s production:

TV-report in tagalog language of some course about FAITH-garden:

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