Matalan energian luonnonvoimat ja katalysoidut reaktiot energianlähteenä, metallien tuotannossa (niin, jos tunnemme LENR:n hyvin, emme tarvitse kaivoksia) ja radioaktiivisen materiaalin muuntamisessa:

LENR energy foundation
All credits go to the DrNo Nofunclub for uploading the original material. This upload is for people how prefer full length videos. Info: Cold Fusion Is Hot Again A report on cold fusion — nuclear energy like that which powers the sun, but made at room temperatures on a tabletop, which in 1989, was presented as a revolutionary new source of energy that promised to be cheap, limitless and clean but was quickly dismissed as junk science. Today, scientists believe that cold fusion, now most often called low temperature fusion or a nuclear effect, could lead to monumental breakthroughs in energy production. Additional reading e.g.:…… More can be found at:

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