Norman L. Wootan – Engineering the Vortex Energy System, Extraordinary Technology Conference, 2016

Yesterday, I contemplated about how do GEET-reactors and gasifier-systems fit together – somehow it makes sense that they do. I find slight synchronicity in this that today via completely other thoughts, i found this video of Norman L. Wootan – explaining very interesting things about vortex and water and gasifying etc, technologies he has been involved with and so on. Watch and listen:

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The Vortex Power System, a futuristic modular-based power generating system, features a Vortex reactor/boiler, a Syngas reactor/boiler, and two Tesla MG sets. Norm’s 40+ years of independent research was brought to bear in developing the system. As Norm delves into the Vortex Energy System design, he will address a number of related issues such as: Implosion Vortex Reactor w/Victor Schauberger Technology What happened to the Super Steam Technology A better understanding of Tesla Turbine Technology CO2 sequestration via Bio Photo Algae Production Disposition of the Golka/ Leadville Tesla Coil Project. Discussion: Aetheric Energy, Elemental Replication, Heat and Neutral Spike Disposition of the MRA (Magnetic Resonance Amplifier) Norm will be sharing research on “Holy Water” recombining HHO, Mill’s Double Nickle Cold Fusion Cell, Stirling Heat Motors, Tesla’s Uni-directional pulse and action at a distance! With over 100 tons of projects at his private facility, he was able to get real answers. ExtraOrdinary Topics Featured… Tesla Technology • Magnetic Motors • Zero-Point Energy Energy Saving Devices • Cosmic/Radiant Energy • Brown’s Gas Low Temperature Plasma • GEET • ElectroGravitation ElectroMedicine • Magnetic Healing Some people believe that this information should be suppressed…

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